The LeBron James Foundation Case Study

Building a Single Page App for The LeBron James Foundation

The LeBron James Foundation

Ethode, one of dotCMS partners, was commissioned to launch a Single Page Application (SPA) for the LeBron James Foundation.

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Ethode, one of dotCMS partners, was commissioned to launch a Single Page Application (SPA) for the LeBron James Foundation and they leveraged the flexibility and agility of dotCMS and its NoCode approach to launch a SPA in just three weeks.

About the LeBron James Foundation - Created in 2006, The LeBron James foundation serves more than 1,400 Akron, Ohio-area students by providing them with the programs, support and mentors they need for success in school and beyond.


The LeBron James Foundation approached Ethode to build a new web experience for the Foundation site. However, one of the main caveats of this project was that the Foundation had a tight deadline of only three weeks and that included both coding, testing, delivery, and implementation.

Similarly, due to the fact that the LeBron James Foundation is involved with other ventures, they needed to be able to manage all their sites from one single, centralized location to mitigate the risks of using different CMSs and platforms to manage the content.

However, Ethode had an ace up their sleeve, and with the help of dotCMS' NoCode approach and framework-agnostic model, they were sure they could meet the Foundation's deadline.

Instead of having four or five different systems that you're constantly having to maintain upgrades, secure a patch or worse, hire other teams, they have to manage and then have multiple teams you're working with. You can have all your sites on one platform. And that platform is ubiquitous across the organization.
Joshua Holms, CEO & Founder at Ethode


Using dotCMS, Ethode created a single-page application with many different components that compose the Foundation, the I Promise School, its program, mission, news, and partners.

The end result is a single-page website with many different components promoting the school's program, mission, news, student and staff promises, founders, leadership, and partners.

To do so, Ethode leveraged dotCMS' hybrid features and added structured content tools to create a news feed index that enabled the team to link to internal and external sources seamlessly.

Also, dotCMS provides the Foundation website with robust SEO tools and a flexible set of tools that enables them to aggregate different types of content.


Using dotCMS, Ethode provided The LeBron James Foundation with a robust, hybrid CMS that made it simpler for them to create content, manage news sources, aggregate, and curate content.

Also, by building a SPA on dotCMS, Ethode improved the Foundation's navigation speeds significantly and reduced the amount of requests sent to the server. With the help of dotCMS, the internal team at The LeBron James Foundation can control the website's look and feel and content without having to rely on external implementation partners to handle the daily grind.

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