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How Estes Trucking Express Lines Empowered Marketers and Reduced IT Burden

Estes Trucking

dotCMS Cloud helped the largest LTL shipping company in the US empower marketers to create digital experiences without the IT team.

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Founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes, Estes Trucking Express Lines began as a one-man-one-truck operation serving customers in rural southside Virginia. Estes Trucking has been providing reliable shipping services to their customers for ninety years and has worked through almost a century to provide a dependable, safe, and robust service to their clients across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

As the largest private less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping company in the United States with more than 18,000 employees, Estes manages a fleet of more than 7,000 tractors and 30,000 trailers, as well as a network of 260+ terminals across several countries.


Estes Express' tech stack was composed of a legacy HTML, Java-based CMS built ad hoc to centralize its processes, fleets, and terminals. Their old site had an outdated infrastructure, poor UX/UI that was not mobile-friendly, and ran on an on-premise hosting environment that was time consuming to manage.

Because of the outdated infrastructure, Estes' marketing team struggled to make timely updates to the site. For even the simplest updates, the marketing team had to rely on the development team, resulting in a bottleneck and long publishing delays. These delays sharply reduced their efficiency and made scaling almost impossible.

To cope with the increasing demands and build a website capable of omnichannel marketing, the Estes team needed a cloud-hosted, modern CMS that could withstand the traffic and scale.

dotCMS has helped us move to the cloud and integrate with other products. It is a really good product that provides a solid experience.
Mike Dupre, Digital Manager at Estes Express Lines


Using dotCMS, Estes Express built a new website, which enabled their team to leverage the Content as a Service (CaaS) architecture to pull content for the My Estes app, where customers can track shipments, request pickups, and more.

We chose dotCMS because it gives our marketing team the ability to make updates to their own content without the help of the IT teams, which reduces bottlenecks.

With the help of dotCMS' CaaS capabilities, the Estes team was able to serve content to other third-party applications that weren’t built in the same platform. dotCMS made it simpler for their marketing team to create content, build new pages, and upload and manage images. And the reliable, cloud-based environment and managed support from dotCMS partner Motiv Solutions freed their IT staff from having to support technical issues, resulting in a 58% drop in the number of internal service tickets.


With dotCMS, this 90-year-old company can better adapt to the market and respond to their customers' needs. They're now able to create, test, and deploy new content and campaigns quickly, which translates into time savings and overall content efficiency for the team.

Marketers love that it's no coding. That means less work for developers, easier content creation for marketers.

dotCMS' NoCode platform has empowered their marketers to build digital experiences without the IT team. Now they can can build specific landing pages for every terminal in minutes. And with more visibility over specific pages and segments, the Estes marketing team can monitor the performance of every website, managing their own SEO headlines and metadata, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns.

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