How TELUS Revamped Its Portal System With dotCMS

How a telecommunications company serves content to thousands of employees with its new internal portal system.


TELUS is Canada's largest telecommunications company

TELUS has a range of products and services from internet access to online streaming. The company also has over 400 retail stores throughout Canada, and that number continues to grow.

The company's internal portal is crucial in keeping its thousands of retail employees up to date with the latest operation, training, marketing, and merchandising content. The massive amount of active users requires a portal system that's fast and flexible, but the old platform could not deliver on either. TELUS knew it needed a new portal system or the company risked falling behind its competitors.

The Need to Empower Business Users

The old portal system was managed by IT, but the day-to-day users were the business team, so the tech team had troubled meeting the requirements of the system’s primary end-users. The IT team had other priorities, and they couldn't commit a great deal of time to maintain the old portal running on internal servers and data centers. The system was, therefore, neglected and became slow and inefficient for business users to work with. 

If a change wasn’t made soon, the latency issues would be further magnified by the expected doubling of users within the next year. TELUS knew it needed a more modern portal that would have faster performance, reduce the burden on IT, and give control back to the company’s business users.


Migrating to dotCMS Cloud

TELUS chose to move its outdated portal to the dotCMS Cloud that's hosted on AWS. One of the main drivers of the decisions was the platform’s import tool, which enabled the company to migrate its old content to the new CMS effortlessly. 

The company was able to efficiently set up its brands like Koodo, Public Mobile, and TELUS itself within the same system using the dotCMS multisite feature. TELUS also used multilingual features to offer content to the Canadian company's English and French speaking employees and customers with ease.

Improving the B2E Experience

With the new platform, TELUS was able to strengthen its business-to-employee (B2E) experience and drive efficiency across the organization. Business users could now quickly log in to the portal to update their content, promotions, marketing collateral, and more. The search functionality of dotCMS helps customer service and sales representatives find relevant answers to consumer inquiries faster.

The company's IT team also doesn't need to worry about updating and maintenance of the platform because it's handled by dotCMS Cloud, leading to significantly reduced IT costs. The cloud solution also reduced the latency of the platform, bringing content editing down from over ten minutes to less than thirty seconds. After upgrading to dotCMS Enterprise, TELUS found peace of mind with the additional support by a team of experts.

TELUS looks to take further advantage of dotCMS Cloud by launching a mobile version of the portal shortly.

dotCMS is so flexible and easy to use from a business perspective – we don't need to undertake complex IT projects to create new content or programs in dotCMS, we can go in and do it ourselves, it's fantastic.
Kris Livingstone
Senior Developer Analyst