New Feature: Save Time and Improve Website Experiences with dotAI

Victoria Burt

When AI hit the mainstream in mid-2023, the mad dash to say your software had AI functionality began. dotCMS took a step back to evaluate the technology and market and started to gather our thoughts on how we believed AI would shape content management

Since then, we’ve taken feedback from customers, prospects, and thought leaders in the space and built our first set of AI tools in dotCMS. 

There are a few major features in this release of dotAI:

Image and Text Generation 

One of the biggest benefits of AI is helping content editors save time by instantly generating content. Built right into the Block Editor, dotAI can be prompted to generate copy and images.  It can also generate relevant images with no prompt at all based on the text already in your content

Automation and Review of AI Content

Repetitive tasks such as SEO metadata generation can be automated using AI-powered custom fields and dotAI Workflow actions. Whether automated or human-guided, all AI-generated content can be put through a workflow to ensure it’s reviewed by a human before it’s published.

AI Search and AI Chatbots

For websites that people are going to primarily to find information, chat-based search is a lot more user friendly and can return much better results than the classic keyword search. Users can ask questions, and AI will search the content of the website to find the most relevant answers, improving the experience end-users have finding information.

AI-Powered Scripting & App Dev

For developers building headlessly or developing an application on top of dotCMS, all this functionality is baked right into our REST API and Velocity ViewTool, so you can integrate these features into all your websites and apps. 

We’re excited to continue to explore how AI will change content management and how it becomes an extension of existing workflows. We’ll continue our “tools, not toys” approach to AI this year by integrating dotAI deeper into the content editor experience.  This will make it even easier for you to speed up repetitive tasks, maintain consistent branding, and manage the risks of using AI so you don’t miss out on the benefits. 

Check out our documentation to learn more, or reach out to your CSM for more information on how to get started.

Victoria Burt
Director of Product Marketing
April 25, 2024

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