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11 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss dotCMS Bootcamp 2018

Sep 05, 2018
By: Alexandra Barcelona

dotCMS is all set to host its annual conference in sunny Miami, Florida. It’s called Bootcamp 2018, and it’s set to attract hundreds of developers, marketers, and enterprise company stakeholders between October 23rd-25th.

Following the success of last year’s Bootcamp, this year’s event centers around our recent launch of dotCMS 5.0. Plus, we’re giving stage time to industry thought leaders so Bootcamp attendees can benefit from the latest insights into both digital strategy and technical innovation.

If you’re looking for a reason to attend, we’ve got eleven for you, right here.


1. Get a Sneak Peek into dotCMS 5.x Series Roadmap

When we launched dotCMS 5.0 on August 21, we intended to mark the occasion as more than just a regular software update. With speed now a major currency in the delivery of digital experiences, we wanted to make dotCMS the most user-friendly CMS on the marketplace, for both business users and developers, and dotCMS 5.0 has taken a giant leap in that direction.

At dotCMS’s Bootcamp 2018, we’re excited to share our newest release and provide you with hands-on demonstrations, tips and tricks and advice on how to upgrade.

What’s even better is that you’ll hear directly from the creators of dotCMS on what they have in store for the forthcoming releases in the dotCMS 5 series by taking an in-depth look at the dotCMS product roadmap.

dotCMS 5.0 already enables marketers to create and develop solutions in a codeless environment and achieve a faster time-to-market thanks to its updated UI/UX and host of new drag-and-drop capabilities. And the containerized microservice architecture found within dotCMS 5.0 allows developers to easily maintain the fully dynamic delivery tier that can be auto-scaled where necessary.

2. It’s Catered for All dotCMS Users, from Marketers to Developers

The two-day conference that’s taking place in Miami aims to bring together dotCMS users from all different walks of life. This includes beginners, experienced users, developers, marketers, executives, and directors.

The Bootcamp will be running two conference tracks, the first track will be focused on digital strategy, and the second on technical leadership. You’re free to create your own agenda by choosing a session from either track. Both tracks will be running user training sessions, workshops, and presentations hosted by a mix of thought leaders and dotCMS experts.

Plus, you can get access to all the sessions and recordings after the Bootcamp event to review and catch up on anything that you may have missed.

3. Network with Other Like-Minded Individuals

At the event, you will be given ample amount of time to mingle and make new business connections with other fellow dotCMS enthusiasts like yourself. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas or form a collaborative partnership at the event, you never know what new business ventures could open up.

4. Learn and be Inspired

Our annual Bootcamp aims to provide an educational, engaging and insightful experience for both our business users and technical users. A range of topics will be covered at the event including dotCMS best practices and tips, industry thought leadership, real-life case studies, and more.

Plus, since dotCMS is leveraged across a wide range of industries (our clients include Fitbit, Honda, and Thomson Reuters Foundation), you’ll naturally be exposed to different perspectives, ideas, and strategies.

5. Ask the Experts

Bootcamp will be the only place where you be able to meet the top dotCMS experts who have built the platform from the ground up. Throughout the two-day event, our team of experts will be running sessions with time for Q&A at the end. They’ll also be present at the two networking receptions scheduled for the event.

Our experts will be happy to share the best practices, useful features and the changes we’ve made to the product (like containerization and usability upgrades).

6. It’s in Miami

This year’s Bootcamp will be taking place at the SLS Brickell Hotel & Residence in Miami, home to all-year sunshine and world-class beaches. Situated right in the heart of Downtown Miami, SLS Brickell features 124 rooms, world-class decor by Philippe Starck, a beautiful pool deck, and the finest cuisine served by two award-winning chefs.

7. Learn from Peers

With IoT devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home expected to be on the rise in the US and around the world, brands have had to quickly transform their content distribution model from single channel delivery to omnichannel delivery.

The decoupled headless capability of dotCMS has enabled our customers like Gettysburg College and TELUS, to seamlessly migrate to omnichannel delivery. At the Bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to experienced dotCMS users who made the successful transition to omnichannel delivery and get an insight into their strategy.

8. Gain New Ideas

After meeting our experts and other like-minded individuals, you will have gained new ideas and inspirations on how you can grow and scale your brand with dotCMS.

9. Get Media Exposure

Bootcamp is a brilliant platform for you to gain exposure for your brand. Our conference is usually attended by leading industry bloggers and journalists to cover the latest announcements and product launches. Use this event to build relationships with these media professionals.

10. Prepare for the IoT Era

If you hadn’t already noticed, the digital landscape is looking a little different as of late. In fact, a study by Edison Research and NPR report that one-in-six Americans own a voice-assistant device. To meet this demand, dotCMS customer Gettysburg College has become one of the many organizations expanding their digital presence beyond the traditional web page with a set of Alexa Skills.

But it’s not just smart speakers we need to concern ourselves with. Further technological disruptions are unfolding before our eyes, with smart cities, vehicles, and appliances gathering momentum globally, Bootcamp 2018 will give you the insights to help map your digital strategy for 2019 and beyond.

11. Have Fun!

The conference is an excellent opportunity for you to get away from the day-to-day running of your business for a little while, meet other like-minded people, and experienced a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. You’ll return to your work refreshed, recharged, and full of ideas.

Join Us in Miami

The event kicks off with a welcome reception on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at the Altitude Pool Deck and Bar in SLS Birkell where you can meet and mingle with fellow attendees and senior members of the dotCMS team.

Tickets for the dotCMS Bootcamp will give you full access to the two-day conference, including all Bootcamp presentations. Breakfast and lunch will be included on both days, and you will be given access to the two networking receptions. So, what are you waiting for?

Purchase tickets for dotCMS Bootcamp 2018.

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